10 coconut oil beauty uses

Veronica Marie

Hey lovelies!!

Organic coconut oil is antibacterial, inexpensive, and the literal queen of natural glow. It has such a wide range of uses, some of which I’ll be sharing today. Enjoy!! ☺

  • Browgel: To use for the brows, coat a cleaned mascara wand in coconut oil, and then sweep the mascara wand over brows. The coconut oil will set your brows in place for the day.
  • Hairmask: Apply a generous amount of coconut oil on the bottom half of your hair, loosely braid, and leave in for half an hour to an hour before washing out with shampoo.
  • Makeupremover: Gently massage coconut oil over the face to remove makeup. Take a cotton pad to wipe away excess makeup and oil before cleansing.
  • Lipbalm: Apply a layer of coconut oil to lips to moisturize; your lips will absorb the oil in a matter of minutes…

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