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Today I’ll be reviewing my Clinique skin care kit (Type-2), which I’ve been using for the last two weeks now. Their revolutionary skin care system was created by a celebrated dermatologist. It is simple and takes just three minutes, twice a day!


πŸŽ€ Foaming sonic facial soap (1.0 oz.)

For a clean start, oil-free Foaming Sonic Facial Soap removes dirt and excessive oil.

● Soft, non-drying lather loosens surface flakes, removes dirt and debris, and protects skin’s natural moisture balance.

● Quick-rinsing formula leaves skin clean, comfortable, refreshed never taut or dry.

● Preps skin for the exfoliating action of Step 2, Clarifying Lotion.

REVIEW: As the product claims, it deeply cleanses your skin and removes the dirt and grease. What I like about it the most is that, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling soapy like other face washes do.

πŸŽ€ Clarifying lotion 2 ( 3.4 oz.)

● Sweeps away pollution, grime, filling flakes to reveal smoother, clearer skin.

● Preps skin for moisturizer

● Helps remove surface flakes that can be barrier to moisture absorption . Even helps fine lines disappear.

REVIEW: It takes all that dirt which your face wash misses away. However I like to use it sometimes without applying the moisturizer after it, just to get that smooth supple skin (non-greasy).

πŸŽ€ Dramarically different moisturizing lotion (1.0 oz.)

It softens, smoothens and improves the skin, leaving it glowing. It is most effective on oily skins.

REVIEW: It slips easily which makes it very easy to apply; absorbs quickly in the skin as well. However, I don’t like its smell and sometimes it leaves the skin a little sticky. It has no sun protection formula in it, which makes it non-useful for summer outings.

πŸŽ€ All About Eyes ( 0.16 oz.)

This diminishes the appearance of puffy eyes and under eye circles.

Apply it twice a day. Apply sparingly with your ring finger to the entire eye area using a gently patting motion.

REVIEWI’ve tried many dark circle eye treatment products and this is the first one that actually works. It’s worth every penny!! Make sure to put enough product on the skin to soak in, and you can see the results in a week.

πŸŽ€ Smart custom repair serum (1.0 oz.)

Clinique Smart Custom-repair serum is a breakthrough serum clinically approved to reduce 4 major signs of ageing and dullness. Great for all ages, ethnicities and skin types.

REVIEW: You can follow it with targeted moisturizer and use it twice a day. It really brings the required glow to your skin, leaving it non greasy. The only negative is its smell but we can all look past it for a better skin, right?

πŸŽ€ Revitalizing serum

High-powered serum optimizes cell renewal to continually reveal fresher, healthier-looking skin.

REVIEW: If you have dry, flaky and blotchy skin in some areas, this serum is best for you. It might take a longer time than expected on few skins, but eventually you would see the difference. Seems expensive, but little product of it goes a long way and leaves a slightly matte finish.

Hope you liked the post!πŸŽ€ Give your feedback in the comments.



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