Beauty: MANTRA review! đŸŽ€

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I’ve been using Mantra skin and hair products for a couple of months now, and I thought of reviewing them. I haven’t come across its every product, so I will be reviewing four of them for now; HOLY BASIL and LILY revitalizing face cream, ALOE, AVOCADO and ALMOND moisturizer with rose, JASMINE, ALOE and PEARLS moisturizing face pack, FENUGREEK and RAJANIGANDHA hair conditioner.

NOTE: silicone, paraben & paraffin free, no artificial colours & fragrances, 100% vegan, cruelty free (not tested on animals), pH balanced.

1. HOLY BASIL and LILY revitalizing face cream

Price: 700 rupees

Directions to use: Apply on freshly cleansed face. Repeat whenever required.

REVIEW: One of my biggest woes is dry skin. This is a miraculous face cream if you have an uneven or patchy skin. I had a lot of discoloration on my face and was trying various home remedies for it, but after using this, I’m really satisfied for now. I don’t feel that patchiness or dryness anymore. The results are remarkable.

The skin will be moisturised with a little sticky effect for sometime though. It took a little time for me to get used to its odour as well. It has peculiar smell of natural oils which some people might find unbearable.

2. ALOE, AVOCADO and ALMOND moisturizer with rose

PRICE: 550 rupees

Directions to use: Apply generously all over face and body.

REVIEW: Mantra is an Indian company which uses minimalistic ingredients for the best results. I love their natural approach to skin care and are 100% vegan.

The texture of the moisturiser is very light when dispensed on the hand but is dense on the skin. It loses its intensity after few minutes though, which might not be the best thing. But, I love its rose fragrance as it gives you a very fresh feel to your mornings.

The packaging is just perfect for travelling as its nozzle works just fine and dispenses the right amount of product.

3. JASMINE, ALOE and PEARLS moisturizing face pack

PRICE: 900 rupees

Directions to use: Mix with a little water or milk to make a thin paste & apply it on your face, till dry. Wash it off with cool water.

REVIEW: The product comes in an inverted tube shape packaging. I really adore it as it is simple yet user friendly. Its texture is soft and creamy, glides on well when applied on the face, and there is no overpowering fragrance as well.

After washing the face, it leaves the skin very soft and supple. My skin felt very fresh and soothing, leaving a very clean effect on it. My skin is super sensitive and it did not irritate it so it works on sensitive skins well.

4. FENUGREEK and RAJANIGANDHA hair conditioner

PRICE: 1099 rupees

Directions to use: Apply liberally to hair after shampoo. Leave for at least 1 minute and then rinse thoroughly.

REVIEW: I have always been fond of hair products that helps me get rid of my problem of dry hair. Again, the conditioner packaging of Mantra is similar to its moisturizer. Pours the product well and as per the usage.

When applied on my hair, it had a soft and silky texture like most conditioners. It leaves hair quite easily when rinsed well. However, it doesn’t hold on for long. The fragrance isn’t mild, as it makes you feel like a scent for few seconds, but goes off initially after drying.

After washing it, my locks felt soft and detangled. It gave a beautiful shine and volume to it. I’m so in awe of the product because it showed the difference in just one wash.

Hope you liked the post. 🎀


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