A Shrug can change your style!

Hope you all have been doing great.

Undoubtedly, you all too, must be struggling everyday to dress yet again! For college or office on weekdays and for dates, outings on weekends!

We all know that the solution is right there in our wardrobe, it’s just about pairing up those garms unusually. Pairs of top and jeans, casual dresses and pallazos are probably a part of every girl’s cabinet – and so is a Shrug!

Its rising trend, and aptness to work for every attire, is all this post is about.

Just team up your shrug atypically and you’re ready to go!

Style 1: Keeping it simple, silly

The style we all are familiar with – team up your shrug with a normal pair of top and jeans. This is the simplest of the styles to carry a shrug.

Style 2: A dress to impress!

This is a not-so-common trend yet but looks perfect – be it for a casual day out, or somewhere to party.
You can always carry it with your best pair of high heels or boots.

Style 3: Contrast it with your all-whites

I am not even trying to attempt a speech but everything enhances with white! The trend of wearing all-white is sheer classy (see last post), and adding your favourite colour of shrug to it simply enhances the look!

Style 4: Go neon!

Experimenting with colours is always the right thing to do if you do not want to look the same (and eventually dull) every day. A neon coloured shrug is your rescue! Just pair it with contrasting hues and you’re ready to roll.

Style 5: Go easy with prints!

Ideal for a perfect summery look, printed shrugs enhance simplest of outfits.

Style 6: Pallazo/ pants styled with that shrug?

This style goes well for any formal event – just put on that half blazer shrug with your pants. Or, for a casual look, switch to striped or abstract shrugs. And not to forget ethnic outfits, which can also get enriched with an embroidered shrug.

Hope you like the post ❤


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